Kaiser-Frazer Factory Service Bulletins



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The Kaiser-Frazer Factory Service Bulletins were issued by the K-F General
Service Manager.  They were sent out by the factory as additions and updates to the Factory Shop Manuals which were published on a less frequent basis.

The dealers were asked to cover the bulletins in a "shop meeting" held by the dealer's Service Manager to ensure that the Service Technicians were
fully trained in the new service procedures. 

I want to thank Jim Betts for originating this list. 
The list is provided as information only.

SPECIAL NOTE: The Factory Service Bulletins are posted here for historical information only. 
Caution should be exercised in their use as the index may not be accurate, complete or contain all the Bulletins issued.   Some Bulletins may be outdated, may have been cancelled, or superceded by more recent information.  Damage to your vehicle may occur by following outdated information. 
K-F-D Services, Inc. and "Kaiser Bill" Brown specifically do not warrant the correctness of the
information contained in these Bulletins or any other information contained in this site. 
You use any of the information or procedures explained herein at your own risk.


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Alphabetical Index to Kaiser-Frazer Factory Service Bulletins

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