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This is one of the first known advertisements for the new Kaiser and Frazer automobiles - "It's Twins for "46."  The ad is dated December 28, 1945 and issued by the Kaiser Shipyards, Richmond, California.

Ben F. Walker served gallantly as the KFOCI Quarterly Editor for over 16 years.  We have all had the benefit of his work.  Due to his quality output, the Quarterly has been awarded the coveted "Golden Quill" award many times.  Ben is also an avid collector of Kaiser-Frazer memorabilia.  Over the years Ben has collected some of the rarest ads and dealer folders. Check out his site and give Ben a "thank you" for his generosity in sharing his rare collection with us.

Ben Walkers

Jim Betts is an avid fan of the automobiles built by the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation.  He is a serious collector of original advertising and other documentation surrounding the ten-year production of Kaiser and Frazer Cars.  He has collected many original advertisements, paint chips and other K-F documentation.  Jim lives in Yakima, Washington State and owns a 1953 Kaiser Manhattan and a 1953 Henry-J Corsair Deluxe in addition to his paper collection.  Jim has been kind enough to put most of his paper collection up on his high quality Web Site "KFADS" for all of us to enjoy.  He says he is "just a guy who likes Kaiser-Frazer Automobiles and the paper that surrounds them."  Jim is a Life Member (#6945) of the Kaiser-Frazer Owners Club International.  If you visit Jim's site be sure to leave him a "Thank You" for sharing his personal collection.

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