For the first time Kaiser introduced a Club Coupe in 1951.  With the shortened cab, Darrin's design looked even better.  Many feel that this was the best-looking Kaiser ever built.  It is a much sought-after Kaiser model today by collectors and restorers.

Kaiser introduced the padded dash in 1951 along with recessed controls for one of the most pleasant-looking dash designs of the 50's.  Full instrumentation was grouped in one cluster directly in front of the driver's position. It looks even better in person.

The 1951 Kaiser frame was an extremely strong and rigid boxed X-frame.  Kaiser's competitors were very curious about it as the 1951 Kaiser rode as well as much heavier cars.  It has been reported that both Packard and Oldsmobile each purchased a 1951 Kaiser and tore it apart to see just why this much lighter car rode and handled so good.  Kaiser would utilize this same basic frame for the rest of Kaiser production up through the 1955 model year.  This same  frame would also survive under the Argentina-built Carabela Kaiser until the mid-sixties.

For 1952 the Kaiser was fitted with larger "safety glow" tail lights and wrap-around front parking lights.  Both could be seen from the side, many years before side-view lights were mandated by the government.  A one-piece windshield replaced the 1951 two-piece design and a new more massive grill was introduced.

For 1954 Kaiser introduced the first post-war
Supercharged automobile.   This gave the six-cylinder engine much-needed additional power. A new front grill and fender treatment resulted in a very tasteful update. New rear fender trim lights and a massive wrap-around rear window completed the exterior changes.  Inside a newly designed dash with airplane-type controls and a different upholstery design was the only interior change. (go to the Supercharger page for more on the Kaiser supercharger)


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