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Please note:  The values reflected in this Price Guide are estimates only.  The values listed are those considered fair to an informed buyer and an informed seller. They have been determined by reviewing those listed in the "Old Cars Price Guide," the Collector Car Guide by NADA, Auction results and reported sales.  The values listed here should not be used for insurance or loan applications.  You should engage the services of a registered Certified Appraiser for a more accurate and defendable value.  It is also highly recommended that the services of a
Certified Appraiser be engaged to determine the value of any car before a substantial sale or purchase.

Condition Code Guide

Condition Codes - 
The following condition codes should be used in conjunction with the value charts listed here.  Carefully read them in order to avoid any misunderstandings between buyer and seller.   Although they closely match those used by "Old Cars Price Guide,"  we have simplified and more finely defined our codes.

Code                                               Description                                                          .

  1. Excellent -  Perfect original car or fully restored with no visually detectible imperfections.  The top 100 point "Concours" car.  It is stored in a climate-controlled environment, is not driven and is only moved by enclosed transport.  An extremely rare car
  2. Fine -  Excellent original or superior restored with very minor imperfections only visible upon close inspection by an expert. Considered a top 100-point "show" car by most.
  3. Very Good -  Looks very good from a distance but may have several  imperfections, minor dents or minor surface rust,  very presentable and desirable.  Needs cleaning or polishing. Some mechanics might need rebuilding.  Includes a very good amateur restoration.  Includes those cars with NOS parts that are somewhat shelf worn and with parts that have been restored, or re-chromed, but are not considered 100-point "Concours" quality.
  4. Good -  Structurally sound but obviously  in need of repair or restoration.  May have dents, rust spots, tears, or minor pieces missing but can be restored with normal effort.  Mechanical parts may be operational or not but need rebuilding.
  5. Restorable -  Needs complete restoration.  May have major dents,  large rust holes,  missing major parts and is usually not running.  May show signs of mild to medium wreck damage and be partially stripped.
  6. Parts Only -  Shows major deterioration and will require maximum effort to make
  7. usable.  May show signs of major rust, cracked, major wreck damage and/or stripped of many major parts.  Considered usable for parts only by all but the most optimistic restorer.

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