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"Bill's 40 Steps for a Successful Restoration"
"For an in-depth book on Auto Restoration Get a copy of Kaiser Bill's new book.
It is the only book that guides you step-by-step through all the proper
Restoration steps and in the correct sequence."
Copyright © 2005-2007 William P. Brown  all rights reserved.

This book was critically acclaimed by OLD CARS WEEKLY and rated an
"absolute must" to own by HEMMINGS MOTOR NEWS (May 2007 issue).
194 pages with hundreds of original photos. Copyright 2005 by Jack Mueller and marketed by M.T. Publishing at www.mtpublishing.com.

The Last Onslaught on Detroit
By Richard M. Langworth
"Here is the dramatic inside story of Kaiser-Frazer's momentous decade
in the American automotive marketplace."
Copyright 1975 © by Princeton Publishing, Inc. all rights reserved

"Henry J. Kaiser  -  Builder of the Modern American West"
By Mark S. Foster
"The first biography of this remarkable man. 
Mark Foster paints an evenhanded portrait of a man of driving ambition and integrity"
Copyright © 1989 by the University of Texas Press all rights reserved

"Henry J. Kaiser  -  Western Colossus"
By Albert P. Heiner
"  -  a captivating story of one of the strongest personalities ever to
dominate the American scene and he has done it with skill." 
Copyright ©  1991 by Halo Books all rights reserved

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