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A brief glimpse of the Kaiser and Frazer Automobiles

The "Kaiser Flyers" are a series of brief colorful articles written by "Kaiser Bill"  to help inform the general public about these fine automobiles and their history.  They range from 1 to 6 pages in length. The "flyers" are distributed at "Kaiser Bill's" Utah Auto Museum and at car shows where "Kaiser Bill" displays one or more of his Kaiser, Frazer, Henry-J or Kaiser-Darrin cars.  There are currently 10 "Flyers" in the series with more on the way.  Each flyer in the series explains a different aspect of the Kaiser-Frazer cars and their history.  They'll make a great addition to your car show display. They have been found as very useful to enhance K-F displays at car shows.  They've been used by radio announcers when explaining the Kaiser and Frazer cars to the public.  They have also been used, with permission, by other authors when writing articles about these unique automobiles.  They are copyrighted.  Since the "Kaiser Flyers" are usually handed out singularly you will note some repetition among them. 

"Kaiser Bill" is one of the world's largest private collectors of Kaiser, Frazer, Henry-J and Darrin automobiles and their historic memorabilia.  "Kaiser Bill's" Dad was one of the original Kaiser-Frazer Dealers who signed on with K-F in early 1946 and stayed until the end.  He visited the Kaiser-Frazer factory on many occasions and passed his personal interest in these automobiles on to his son, "Kaiser Bill."   If you would like copies of the "Kaiser Flyers" you may
contact the author "Kaiser Bill" at the address listed in the footnote.

INDEX to Bill's interesting and informative "Kaiser Flyers:"
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Preface - Explains this series of informative "Flyers" 
No. 1  How about the "V" Emblem?
No. 2  Doomed from the beginning?
No. 3  The "Small Car" gas problem
No. 4  What about the Kaiser-Darrin Sports Car?
No. 5  Joseph W. (Jeeps) Frazer
No. 6  The Kaiser "Henry-J"
No. 7  The unique Kaiser-Frazer "Traveler & Vagabond"
No. 8  The Graham-Paige "KAISER"?
No. 9  What, a  "Front-Wheel-Drive" Kaiser??
No. 10  How about Kaiser's "Other" Sports Car??
No. 11  (Coming soon) - Do you know "Why Kaiser-Frazer Failed?"

(Please Note: Flyers are $1.00 each to cover copying & postage costs,
                  no charge for Preface)

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NOTE: William P. Brown (Kaiser Bill) specifically does not warrant the correctness of the information contained in the "Flyers". 
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