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        Change the Transmission Fluid
                                    in my Kaiser or Frazer

NOTE: The factory recommended that you use only "G. M. HydraMatic Fluid" or "Automatic Transmission Fluid (Type A)" from containers bearing the Armour Institute Qualification number "AQ-ATF" in the HydraMatic transmission. Most of the newer multi-compatible automatic fluids meet these specifications.

Draining Transmission Fluid

Draining should be done after a drive and before the fluid has a chance to completely cool.

  1. Remove flywheel housing bottom cover.
  1. Remove hex head pipe plug from torus cover, using a six-point socket (a twelve-point socket may damage the head of the soft pipe plugs).
  1. Remove oil pan drain plug at back of pan, allowing fluid to drain. If the transmission oil has not been changed regularly you may choose to remove the pan and clean out the residue. Be sure to use a new pan gasket.  (Flushing the transmission is not recommended.)
  1. After draining, install and tighten both drain plugs. Tighten torus cover drain plug to no more than 6 or 7 ft./lbs. with a torque wrench using a six-point socket. Tighten oil pan drain plug.
  2. Replace flywheel housing bottom cover.

Refilling Transmission

  1. Cover front seat to protect upholstery and raise right side of floor mat.
  1. Remove transmission inspection floor hole cover. Clean all gravel, sand or lint fromthe floor and around transmission oil dip stick before it is removed.
  1. Remove dipstick and wipe it clean. Clean dipstick cap air cleaner in solvent.
  1. Pour approximately 8 quarts of transmission oil into the transmission, being sure the container, spout and/or funnel is clean.
  1. Set selector lever in N position and apply hand brake. Run engine at a speed equivalent to 20 mph for approximately 1-1/2 minutes to fill fluid coupling.
  2. Reduce engine speed to slow idle (carburetor off fast idle step).
  1. Add sufficient fluid to bring fluid level up to just below the "L" mark on the dipstick. Again run the engine at a speed equivalent to 20 mph for 3 minutes to heat the fluid to near operating temperature, indicated by a rise in fluid level to near the 'F" mark. Reduce engine speed to slow idle and add fluid to bring level to 'F" mark. With engine idling and transmission warm, make a final check to be certain transmission is not overfilled.
  1. Stop engine, replace dipstick, access cover and floor mat.

Re-Checking the Oil Level

Re-check the oil level after driving the car 25 to 50 miles.

  1. Set selector in N position and apply hand brake. If transmission is cold, start engine and allow it to run at idle continuously for a minimum of 3 minutes until oil is warm.
  1. Roll back right side of floor mat and remove inspection hole cover in floor pan directly over transmission oil level indicator.
  1. Remove all gravel, sand or lint from floor and around transmission dip stick before removing it.
  1. Remove and wipe dip stick and put it back.
  1. Again remove and note fluid level.
  1. Add fluid as required to bring level to 'F' mark, being sure the check is made with engine idling.

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