How to Repair a Rusted Front Floor
of a 1951-1955 Kaiser

Page 4

Before cutting the floor, lay your cut-to-fit panel on the floor and mark the outline.  Use this as your final guide. Mark your cut line 1/2 inches smaller than the panel. This will be your "flange" line. The new patch panel will sit on this flange.

Use a air-powered small wheel cut-off tool and cut out the marked area. 

Take care not to cut through the floor
supports that are welded to the bottom of the floor. 

Use "Flanging" pliers to make a 1/2 inch recessed flange for the new floor to sit on.

Repeat this same process for the left (driver's) side floor.

Note that the floor was removed in sections.  The old floor pieces must be
separated from the floor support welds. 


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