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Auto Restoration

Install a Nova front suspension clip onto a Full-size Kaiser frame

Note:  The following article is a pictorial of an actual Nova
suspension being grafted onto a full-size Kaiser frame.

The 1951 thru 1955 Kaisers used an excellent very rigid X-Boxed Frame.

This photo shows the stock frame before making any modifications.

We will graft a 1968 Nova front stub onto the Kaiser frame.  This will give us a modern suspension, power steering, power disc brakes and we can use most any
GM engine/transmission
combination we care to.

Before beginning your modifications, be sure to inspect the frame for any damage.  Also measure the frame as specified in your
Kaiser Shop Manual to insure it has not been bent.  You do not want to start with a damaged or miss-aligned frame.

Here's a frontal view of the stock Kaiser Frame. 
Note the X-Brace location.

The transmission output must line up with the
tunnel in the center of the X-Brace or you'll have
major problems later!

The driveshaft must fit through this tunnel.


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