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How-To Install a Nova front suspension clip onto a Full-size Kaiser frame.

Here the Kaiser frame has been cut off at a point just in front of the X-Brace.  A 1968 Nova front suspension clip has been slid into place.

Note the Kaiser X-Brace has been notched out to allow the Nova clip to slide back into it's proper location.

Another view of the Nova clip slid into the Kaiser frame.

Note the angle iron clamped into place to provide a reference point for measurements.

The correct wheelbase is kept by sliding the Nova clip in and out to achieve the proper spindle to axle measurement.

Here's still another view. 
Careful measurements must be taken to
insure the Nova front clip is both centered and square with the Kaiser frame.

The 2X4 and jacks are used to properly
position the clip before making any
tack welds.

These measurements are critical for a good handling car.  Measure carefully.

This side view shows the frames lined up level and parallel to each other.

This is critical for proper *Caster Alignment.

*Covered in Section 8 of your 2002 Seminar Workbook


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