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How-To Install a Nova front suspension clip onto a Full-size Kaiser frame.

Now that
everything is tacked
together, we can trial fit our engine and transmission.

Now, we'll drop the body back on the frame and check everything.

These photos show the fit of the Kaiser front body mounts to the Nova front stub.  This fit is critical unless you want to butcher your Kaiser Body to make it fit.  As you see, there is sufficient space for the rubber body mounting pads between the Kaiser body mount and the Nova frame stub.  This fit is with a Buick 455 engine in place of the Chevrolet small-block.  The exhaust manifold on the passenger side has more room than it appears to have in this photo.

This view shows the Buick 455-4 V8 easily nestled in place.  The Kaiser front clip was re-installed for this
fitting. A transmission mount bracket has also been
fabricated to fit a
GM 4-speed automatic.

The Nova front stub will
accept a wide variety of
engines and transmissions.

We're done!

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