Auto Restoration

How-To Install a Nova front suspension clip onto a Full-size Kaiser frame.

These views show the mated area after being sand-blasting clean.

The next step is to plate the two frames together for two reasons.

  1. To provide a strong attachment point.

2. To give the frames an eye-pleasing
     transition point.  The objective is to     
     make the bond almost un-detectable.

NOTE: Use metal at least as thick as the Kaiser frame.

Here we have added thick metal plates to the top and sides of the joints.  The side plate was first scribed onto cardboard and then transferred to the metal plate.  A plasma cutter was used to cut the plates.

At this point we only want to tack the plates in position.  We'll need to check the alignment of the two frames once again after all the plates on bother sides have been tacked into place.

This is a view taken from the bottom of the joint area and shows the side plate in position.

This open area will need to be plated also for strength and

This is the same area after adding the
bottom plate.

Again, the plates are just securely tacked into place.


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