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Note:  The following article is a pictorial of an actual replacement
of a Henry-J sub-frame and floor.

Once the windshield and door rubber gets old and brittle they leak and the Henry-J is prone to rust out the front floor, outer rocker
panels and the very important rocker panel "sub-frame."  There is only one correct way to fix it.  This article shows you how.

Install a Nova front suspension clip onto a Full-size Kaiser frame

Note:  The following article is a pictorial of an actual Nova
suspension being grafted onto a full-size Kaiser frame.

I am fully aware that many K-F enthusiasts prefer to keep their cars as stock as possible.   I agree that some of our cars should be kept original as possible.  However, there are those that want to drive their cars on a daily basis or on cross-country trips and want a more
modern suspension with power steering, power disc brakes and a more modern & powerful engine.  This modification allows for all of those things on a very economical budget.  It also leaves most of the excellent Kaiser frame intact.

The 1968 Nova front suspension clip will accept most any GM V-6 or
V-8 engine from a stock GM 4.3 V6 to a 455 CU Buick V-8 powerhouse.

Keep in mind that a "new," not rebuilt, stock 350 CU GM crate motor can be purchased for under $1,400.00 from your local GM Dealer.  That's less than it cost to properly rebuild your Kaiser engine.

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