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How-To Install a Nova front suspension clip onto a Full-size Kaiser frame.

This view shows the relationship between the Kaiser Frame and the Nova front suspension.

The angle iron thru the center of the X-section is used as the main reference point and is squared to the Kaiser Frame.

In this view you can identify the thick metal plate that's been added to the front of the Kaiser X-brace.  This will provide added strength to the point of attachment and reduce possible flex of the X-brace.

In this view and in the one above, you can see the angled plate that has been fabricated to attach the rear of the Nova stub to the
Kaiser frame.  We used a 50-ton press to fabricate this bracket. 

Also, an angle iron has been added to provide additional

The two frames have been tacked together. Now it's time to sand-blast the mating areas of the two frames in order to contribute to better welds.

Be sure to check your welds
carefully as there is a lot of stress applied to this area under normal operation of the car.


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