Right Side Rear Fender (passenger's side)


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Carefully mark the rusted area to be cut out.  Mark only the upper area above the lower fender seam.  Be sure to keep your cut mark to a maximum length of 47 inches and a height of no more than 2-1/4 inches.  The patch panels will not cover a larger area.  (Note: If your rust-out is larger than this kit will cover you can
fabricate additional pieces yourself or use a fender that has been cut off a parts car.)

NOTE: Patch panels higher than 2-1/2 inches are available by
special order. Call for availability and prices.

Use a cut-off wheel with a thin blade and carefully cut out the marked area.  Cut only the outer fender metal at this time,
not the inner fender.  It will be cut later.

This view shows the rusted area of outer fender has been cut out.

Next, cut out the rusted inner fender area.  Keep the lower part intact if
possible.  Make every attempt to keep the lower portion intact in order to
prevent damaging it if it should bend down. 

In some cases the rust may be so severe that the lower fender area immediately above the wheel well will not stay in place.  In those cases, also cut it off. 
You may need to install a temporary brace to hold it in place.  Trim the fender seam flange area and remove the rust as much as possible.  You will be welding here so get it as clean as possible.

A small quart sand-blaster can be used to blast the area clean of all rust.


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