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Next drill 3/16 size holes along the exposed old fender seam flange. You will be welding through these holes upward into the top patch panel bottom flange. 
Space the holes approx 1-1/2 inches apart.

Use "Flanging Pliers" and press a small (1/2 in) flange along the top edge and ends of your patch panel. 
Make the flange inward.

The cut-off fender will fit on this flange so the patch panel will be flush with the fender. 
You will weld along this flange seam.

Then drill 1/8 inch holes along the bottom of the fender cut-off area as shown here.

Clamp the top panel in place.  Place the upper flanged area of the patch panel under the cut-off area of the fender.  Use your small Vise-Grip pliers to secure the panel to the fender. Clamp the panel in place along the lower fender seam.
Drill through the 1/8 inch holes in the fender and through the patch panel.
Caution:  This panel is not perfectly vertical but tilts slightly outward.
Take care to align the panel with the correct outward "tilt" to match the
original fender contour before drilling these holes. 

Use Cleco Fasteners to secure the patch panel and the fender tightly together using these 1/8 holes.


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