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Fender line seam

Now, carefully weld the panel into place.   Start by making a series of "tack welds"
to hold the parts in place.  Then make small spot welds to avoid warping the
metal. -  do not weld long beads.  Weld a spot on one end and then the other in
an alternating pattern.  Let the metal cool between welds. 

Weld shut the holes you used for the Cleco fasteners.   A piece of brass held behind the holes will aid in making these welds.  (Weld will not stick to the brass)

Next cut out the rusted area below the fender seam line just over the wheel well. 
Cut off the lower patch panel to match the area. Drill 3/16 holes in the patch panel approx 1-1/2 inches apart (see photo). Clamp it in place and carefully weld it. 
To weld the seams together weld along the fender seam line through the 3/16 inch holes and up into the fender seam flange of the upper patch panel. 


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