Welds partially completed


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Your work should look something like this.  Notice the small spot welds. 
Keep welding these small spots along the cut line in an alternating pattern
until they meet in a single weld.  Remember, this is a double-wall area and is actually the inside of the trunk so this joint must be water tight.

(Note:  Before you finish your car be sure to treat this seam
inside the trunk with a professional quality seam sealer.)

The welds along the fender line seam do not need to meet. 
The 1-1/2 inch interval weld-through 3/16 holes are sufficiently spaced.

Fender line seam

The same area after the welds have been completed and the area media-blasted clean.
Only a light coat of Metal-2-Metal filler will be needed to smooth out the area.


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