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The first production Kaiser was the 1947 model actually produced in late 1946.  It was a very unique and revolutionary design being the first with no distinguished fenders.  The straight-flowing body lines were simple yet very attractive.  The interiors were well appointed with an attractive dash and accessories.  Six people could sit very comfortable in the extra wide seats and ample leg room.  Eight people could actually fit without too much discomfort.  It was a big car with lots of room.  It drove beautiful and the ride was very smooth and comfortable.

Although the first Kaiser was originally planned to have front-wheel drive , torsion-bar  suspension and many other revolutionary features, it was released with conventional and proven mechanics.  It was a rear-wheel drive car with a standard 6-cylinder engine and transmission with overdrive as an option.  For more history as to the reason the other features were not introduced, read a copy of Kaiser Bill's "Kaiser Flyer" No. 8.

In 1949 Kaiser introduced the very first "Hatch-Back" car.  In 1948 Henry-J Kaiser instructed his engineers to build him a car he could take fishing.  He personally hand-drew the outlines of the rear hatch and tailgate onto a 1948 Kaiser.  It was originally named the "Convertible Station Wagon."   They were later designated as the "Traveler" and the Vagabond."  The rear seat folded forward and the seat back folded down to create a large flat cargo area. These true utility cars were promoted to outdoorsmen, florists, farmers, undertakers and emergency agencies as ambulances.  They were produced by Kaiser up through the 1953 model year.  Similar models were also offered in the Frazer line-up through the 1951 model year.

The unique Kaiser Traveler and Vagabond have been designated as a  "Milestone" in automotive history by the Milestone Society.  The design created a very useful utility automobile with a huge cargo area.  Today they are a much sought-after model for restorers.  For more history on this unique model, read a copy of Kaiser Bill's "Kaiser Flyer" No. 7.

In 1949 Kaiser also introduced the very first 4-door hardtop and the first post-war 4-door convertible.  Many have given credit to General Motors for the Hardtop, but Kaiser invented it!

The interiors of the Kaiser's were very attractive and well laid-out, especially for a 1940's car.  Note the map light  under the steering column.

Then came the beautiful
award-winning 1951 Kaiser
Howard Darrin's design was truly applied to these acclaimed cars.


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