The Kaiser-Frazer slogan stated their cars were:
"Built to Better the Best on the Road" 

The Fantastic
Kaiser - Frazer
Auto Venture

These forward thinking and brilliant men started a new car company in 1945 that
astounded the American Automotive establishment.  The big-three auto makers, 
Ford, GM and Chrysler, thought they would never succeed.  When they did,
it shook up the American Car Market and changed it forever, for the better.

Kaiser and Frazer would introduce more new features and models in just a few years than the other car makers had for decades.  Their revolutionary new models,
world-recognized advance styling and the first use of brilliant colors with
color-coordinated plush interiors, would leave an indelible and long-lasting mark
on all future American cars.

Their cars were beautiful, reliable, luxurious, excellent quality, comfortable,
fun to drive and out-performed all other cars of the time in many areas. 

Kaiser-Frazer sold more new cars in their first year of production, 1947, than any
previous new American car.  It would take the Ford Motor Company 18 years to
beat their production record with the very-successful 1965 Ford Mustang.

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